The overall purpose is to boost cooperation between LABEX research teams and to combine various different planning and urbanism approaches in architecture, environmental sciences, economics, geography, history, sociology and in transport and modelling. LABEX’s scientific teams focus on a series of major research domains where an interdisciplinary approach can help break down a few crucial scientific barriers. We give priority to four broad themes.

Research themes

Interaction between human activities in an urban setting and the environment

Setting up globalised metropolises

Quality of urban life for all

Material production of the city


LABEX helps to forge spaces in which inter-disciplinarity can flourish:

  • First transversal groups that bring together researchers from various different labs around common themes;

  • Next, conferences, responses to the challenges of the business world, editorial output, European Master's courses and the Summer School all constitute levers that help to build this inter-disciplinarity.

Through its various different initiatives, LABEX strives to showcase French urban research in the international arena as well as in the French and international business world.