Cross-cutting Group : City and energy

Research project

The Cross-cutting Group "City and Energy" aims to bring together LABEX member research teams around energy-related themes and foster exchanges at both national and international level between researchers and stakeholders concerned by such themes. Over the past two years, the Cross-cutting Group's research has focused on energy autonomy at various different levels. A series of seminars entitled "Electrical hydribation and edge cities" is currently being prepared for 2017-2018. To find our more.



Scientific coordination


Sylvy Jaglin



Margot Pellegrino



Marika Rupeka

UPE - LABEX Futurs Urbains - LATTS

Researchers from inside or outside LABEX research teams with cross-cutting disciplinary backgrounds are actively involved in the Cross-cuttin Group's scientific projects. To find out more

Scientific projects

The Cross-cutting Group researchers organise scientific events (seminars, international conferences or study days) to which LABEX researchers and outside personalities are invited. To find out more.



Les pouvoirs politiques et les marchés mettent en place une diversité de solutions pour encourager le déploiement des dispositifs décentralisés de production d’énergie à partir de sources renouvelables.